Question: Dear Fairy Grant-Mother, what’s the difference between federal and foundation grants???

Answer: Government grants are publicly funded by tax dollars. Grants from the federal government are authorized and appropriated through bills passed by Congress and signed by the president. Foundations grants are privately funded and much simpler.

Government Grants

Government agencies form a national level down to a state or local level offer federal grants. So, these grants can come directly from the federal government, or be passed on through your state, even the more local agencies.

State grants can have fewer competitors, offering shorter applications with preset standards. Yet, direct federal grants are heftier. Despite the long haul and rough competition.

Once a government grant is awarded, there are financial reports that must be maintained, often for a period of years. They require strict compliance and reporting measures. Many government grants come in the form of a reimbursement. Its common for government grants to require matching funds, a difficult feat when your lacking funding to begin with.

Foundation Grants

Foundation monies are private and come from the pockets of donors or directly from the founder. Many of these grants come from foundations established by company names and public figures you know and love. Generally, foundation awards are much smaller than government grants. So, combat that issue by applying for multiple of these type of grants. This makes a bigger impact for your program or cause.

Still, these grant applications can be a breeze. As they typically have a less complex application, as well as few requirements. That means your less likely to face prerequisites like fund matching. Also, you may avoid being tasked with creating elaborate performance or financial reports.