Question: Is there a difference between Eligible Expenses and Eligible Activities?

Answer: I’m glad you asked because there IS a difference between the two.

Eligible expenses are items you are able to buy or spend the grant funds on. For example, salary to staff, supplies and materials needed for the program, and stipends and/or incentives if applicable. Eligible expenses are one of the most important details of the grant announcement and will help the budget factor in how much needs to be spent on which items. The eligible expenses will be in the grant announcement typically in the budget section.

Eligible activities are actual programs you are able to conduct with the grant funds. Many times, eligible activities are training programs, program development, and outreach. The grant will inform you (or your grant writer) of all the eligible activities. Sometimes the grant announcement will explain what the eligible activities are in the narrative review section. The eligible activities are important to know to successfully write the narrative and all the details of the proposed program.