Question: Dear Fairy Grant-Mother How do you find the federal grant announcement again?

Answer: Great question!!

The best way to find your federal grant announcement again is by searching is the main hub for all federal grants. Located at the top of the page you will find different tabs: Home, Learn Grants, Search Grants, Applicants, Grantors, System-to-system, Forms, Connect, and Support. Click the tab for Search Grants (highlighted in light blue below).

On the left-hand side of the web page, you will find the column SEARCH GRANTS. In this column you will find the various way in which you can find your grant announcement. You can search by keywords in your grant, the opportunity number or the CFDA number. You can decide if you want forecasted grants or posted (current) grants. If you are looking for an old grant announcement you want to check the closed or archived boxes.

To the right of the search column you will find a table that lists the opportunity number, the opportunity title, agency, opportunity status, posted date, and close date. This is all of the basic information of the grant enabling you to select the correct grant announcement.

Once you enter in as much information as possible you will click the search button and the grant announcement will appear.