1. You Get Paid to Criticize Others.

Have you ever wanted to just tell that annoying person exactly what you were thinking about them and their work? If you answered yes, well, proof reading is for you. You can do that as a proof-reader. You actually get paid to rip someone to shreds with venomous criticism. When you replace “venomous criticism” with “constructive criticism” businesses will allow you to do that to their employees and they will pay you to do it.

  1. Your Job Relieves Stress.

Voicing your opinions about other people’s work is a powerful stress reliever. You can be as passionate in your presentation as well. In a dramatical fashion, you can tell people you know they can do better, and this quality of work is beneath them. Helping people to see the errors of their ways is your way of doing good in the world. Helping the world will give you the feeling of power, relevance and significance. Tony Robbins identifies power, relevance and significance as 3 out of the 6 basic human desires. You just satisfied these 3 basic human desires just by working your proof-reading job. This is a great stress reliever.

  1. You Don’t Need to Know or Understand Your Job.

Writing is subjective. Proof-reading is subjective too. Your proof-reading work does not need to be based in anything except your own thoughts and the way you see the world. If it is your opinion that you should start doing proof reading work without understanding the topic. You should definitely be a proof-reader. If you want to be a proof-reader without knowing how to even read; then you are definitely entitled to be a Proof Reader.

  1. You Are An Automatic Expert in Your Field.

How long have you known how to read? Oh, 45 years you say! You automatically have 45 years of proofreading experience. You are an expert in your field. Yes, you are definitely an expert proof reader. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers would even refer to you as an expert. You most certainly have achieved your 10,000 hours. We will now call you a subject matter expert. You have ascended to that status.

  1. You Get to Be Creative.

Have you ever wanted to be creative? You can do that as a proof-reader. You can draw arrows to point to other people’s mistakes. You can use bright, bold red markers. You can draw large balloons around entire sections to identify when you want the writer to see something. You can create over large gigantically sized X’s to emphasize to the writer that this particular error is a larger than normal mistake.

  1. You Are Always a Winner.

Proof-reading is a winner’s game. You always get to be the winner. You have the right to be entitled to your own opinions. You also have a right to be entitled to other people’s opinions too. As a proof-reader you have a right to have your opinions dominate other people’s opinions. The way you see the world is definitely superior to the way others see the world. You get to win. You always get to win. You are the proof-reader.


Note from Author.

While, I surely had a belly full of laughter while writing this article; I highly recommend that Grant-Writers have a proof-reader to review their work. It is one of the smartest things when writing grant applications.