Grant Writing

Devoting time to writing a complete grant application package can take hours and resources from your organization. Most often staff, time, and other resources are limited and not enough to spare. Having a full team of writers and researchers to complete applications for you is a force multiplier, and will greatly increase your organization’s ability to stay funded and stay focused on program implementation. Our team of writers will:

  • Consult and maintain constant communication with your team and your organization to gain a complete understanding of your vision, your capabilities, and your goals.
  • Complete all writing needs for a grant application, from the abstract to the narrative and budget narrative.
  • Create and help to complete all partner letters, agreements and MOUs.
  • Write complex and detailed grant narrative that responds to the grant announcement to explains your funding request.
  • Meet deadlines to submit a complete, high quality grant application package to the funding agency.

With Grant Writing Services from Comprehensive Grants Management, you’ll have a full staff devoted purely to writing winning grant applications for your organization. Don’t over commit your organization and fall short of winning more funding. Let us be your Grant Writers


Conferences are used as a very effective tool to build capacity of staff, volunteers, boards and the executive team to understand and navigate the grant writing and grant winning world.

Comprehensive Grants Management offers its services for speaking engagements, teaching opportunities, and trade specific networking events:

  • Grant writing presentations – simple and complex features, structure and breakdown of grant applications.
  • Presentations on successful grant preparation.
  • Presenting on writing a winning grant implementation strategy for funders.
  • Overview on grant program management.
  • Tips and tricks of the grant writing industry.

Technical Assistance

Grant announcements can be full of complex and confusing language. Don’t let overwhelming volumes of text be the barrier that keeps you from the funding your organization needs.

Comprehensive Grants Management combines over 12 years of grant writing and reviewing experience into services to help you make sense of the most complicated grants.

We provide capacity building structured to improve grant preparation and grant management by remote and onsite training, through online training portals, or direct interaction.

Grant Research

Between Federal, State, and Foundation Grants, the mountain of funding opportunities released every year can be staggering. Don’t lose sight of your organization’s greater goals by getting lost in the labyrinth of availability.

Let Comprehensive Grants Management shoulder the load. We will take care of the following:

  • Research available funding opportunities.
  • Track grants specific to your organizations focus areas and goals.
  • Track eligibility requirements for current funding opportunities.
  • Keep abreast of due dates and deadlines.

With Grant Research from Comprehensive Grants Management, you’ll never be in the dark about new funding opportunities that are tuned specifically for your organization’s needs. Focus on your organizations goals, let us help you find the support you need.


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