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This contractual agreement is between Comprehensive Grants Management (CGM) and Your Organization will provide grant-writing services for the following grants to include:

  1. Create a comprehensive application checklist with all needed documents.
  2. Host a brief grant-writing kick-off meeting & assign role per application checklist.
  3. Request needed information from Your Organization for all evaluation criteria.
  4. Complete all mandatory and optional forms and certifications.
  5. Create all partnership letters and MOUs and work with community partners to obtain signatures for letters and MOUs.
  6. Write entire grant narrative for all narrative criterions.
  7. Create budget and write budget narrative.
  8. Submit entire application package to the Funding Agency by established due date.
  9. Email entire application package with submission confirmation to the Your Organization
  10. Create and provide deficiency response by email to Your Organizationif applicable.
  11. Create and provide response for the debriefing process, if applicable.
  12. Provide post-submission communication by email and phone to discuss grant program.

* Your Organization reserves the right to review the entire application package before submission to the Funding Agency.

* Confidentiality Clause – all aspects of the grant application shall remain private and confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party for any reason.

*Comprehensive Grants Management will work only with Your Organization if the Funding Agency is awarding only one grant; if more than one grant is to be awarded CGM will work with other clients.

* Your Organization redress is limited to a free re-write of this grant application in the following fiscal year if there are CGM errors and/or omissions.

* Your Organization understands that CGM cannot guarantee a grant award. The Funding Agency is the only official source that can determine a grant awardee.

* Your Organization understands that CGM markets grant award successes on CGM’s social media platforms.

Your Organization will make payment to Comprehensive Grants Management for above mentioned grant-writing services not to exceed ten (10) calendar days after the grant is submitted. Your Organization will compensate Comprehensive Grants Management at $100 per hour for work completed if contract is cancelled.